Theatrical Intimacy Coordination

Intimacy Choreographers have become an integral part to the theatrical process, both on stage and in film. Learn more about how this important craft is becoming an industry standard!

Intimacy Choreographers

  • Their importance to the future of theatre performance
  • Irene Martinko (
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Theatrical Intimacy Education

  • This organization is paving the way for theatrical intimacy coordination in the industry. 
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We are thrilled to welcome Theatrical Intimacy Education (TIE) to our family!



A word from MTEA President, Matthew Teague Miller;

"I’ve had the pleasure of taking three of their workshops and what strikes me about TIE is not only the importance of the subject they teach but how they go about their business.  TIE is an anti-racist, equitable, inclusive organization who, quite frankly in my opinion, is doing everything the right way. 

I’m proud that MTEA, the leading organization for musical theatre educators, will be partnering with TIE, the leading organization for Theatrical Intimacy education.  On August 18th MTEA offered a free webinar to all our members, and are also proud to welcome TIE to participate in our 2021 Annual Conference in New York City.  Additionally, MTEA members are eligible to receive an exclusive discount to all of TIE’s workshops.* 

 The era of “just figure this kiss out between the two of you” is over, and TIE is leading the charge in making rehearsal rooms and acting studios a safe, brave space for everyone involved."

*Contact [email protected] for more details