2024 MTEA International Conference


Guilford School of Acting

July 23rd to 25th, 2024

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About the Event

Our annual conference brings together musical theatre educators from all over the world to share ideas about curriculum, recruitment, production, and professional placement. The conference also unites the organization with the top professional theatre artists in their respective fields. 

During our international conferences, members gather for workshops and organizational discussions, and evening group activities are planned (such as seeing a West End show) and there is a centralized conference hotel to host the gathering. We also seek to connect with alumni working in the profession.

Recent conferences have also begun expanding to student involvement: graduate students from programs such as San Diego State, Penn State, and Boston Conservatory, who represent the future of MT educators have been included as participants and presenters, and undergraduates from around the world have attended as performers and session demonstrators, uniting the community not only through fellow pedagogical colleagues, but also through the very students we strive to educate.

Join us this summer in London to connect with musical theatre educators from all over the world!

NOTE: Each conference has a per-person registration fee, separate from membership.

MTEA Members receive a slew of exclusive benefits, including reduced rates. 


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Enjoy a variety of presentations, guest speakers, performances, and networking with other musical theatre professionals live and in person in London.

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Bookkeeping: If your institution requires you to pay by a method other than credit card, please contact [email protected].

Economic Hardship Policy: MTEA recognizes that many individuals experience economic hardship. If you are an MTEA member who needs financial assistance for membership or conference fees, please email [email protected] with subject line "MTEA Financial Assistance" explaining your need and we will be in touch with you.

Conference Schedule

Check out the newest draft of our London 2024 lineup!
*subject to change*

Keynote Speakers

This conference will feature several keynote speakers, including Dr. Gillyanne Kayes.

The Changing Landscape of Musical Theater:
What do we need as educators to help reshape the future?

Focus group session led by Dr. Gillyanne Kayes

Dr Gillyanne Kayes is an author, researcher and singing voice expert, with decades of experience working with musical theater artists in training, and professional performance. She is internationally recognised as a leader in the field of voice pedagogy and is active in facilitating conversations between teachers of different genres, training modalities and voice related disciplines such as clinical voice and voice science.

Gillyanne’s published works include Singing and the Actor: Successful Singing Auditions (Bloomsbury Press; Routledge), the Singing Express series (Harper Collins), This is a Voice book commissioned by the Wellcome Trust (with Jeremy Fisher), The Oxford Handbook of Singing (OUP), Journal of Voice (with Graham Welch) and Journal of Singing (Sept/October forthcoming).

Together with her husband, Gillyanne co-owns and runs the voice education company Vocal Process, which specialises in a practical multi-genre training for singing teachers, many of whom are either running their own MT training organisations or working in Higher Education settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Attending an MTEA conference allows educators the rare opportunity to learn from and alongside colleagues in the field from around the world. Conference participants hear about new ideas and pedagogues, while also discovering the amazing community of educators to which they belong. Too often musical theatre educators can feel siloed and “niche” on their campus. The conference allows educators to grow, feel inspired, and remember they are not alone.


"Harmony Across Borders: Global Perspectives in Musical Theatre Education" invites musical theatre educators to explore and celebrate the harmonious collaboration and exchange of knowledge in our diverse community. This theme emphasizes the significance of fostering connections that transcend geographical boundaries, encouraging a shared learning experience among educators worldwide. By embracing global perspectives, we recognize the unique approaches each region brings to musical theatre education, enriching our collective understanding of the art form.

The theme underscores the transformative power of collaboration, breaking down borders to create a harmonious symphony of ideas and practices. By engaging in this international dialogue, musical theatre educators have the opportunity to expand their horizons, learn from one another, and contribute to a global educational community that values diversity, inclusivity, and excellence. Through "Harmony Across Borders," we hope to inspire a dynamic exchange of ideas, fostering an environment where educators can explore, learn, and create together, ultimately enriching the landscape of musical theatre education worldwide.

Your conference fee provides:

i.     Lunch is included in your ticket price, along with snacks and coffee!

ii.     Amazing Keynote speakers - in the past we have included Rachel Chavkin, J. Harrison Ghee, Ken Page, Lynn Ahrens, Charles Strouse, Graciela Daniele

iii.     Presentations, panels and workshops from top musical theatre educators, practitioners, and researchers and the associated conference materials.

iv.     Invaluable networking opportunities to meet musical theatre educators from all around the world!

v.     MTEA Swag for you to represent the organization when you return home

Meet like-minded people and industry peers.
As an academic professional, making connections and sharing research is vital to the development of open discussion and education. Some of the best ideas and discoveries come from great minds joining together in the pursuit of knowledge and inspiration.  By meeting others in this community, you can learn new ways to achieve your career goals and take advantage of other methods of success.

Expand your knowledge and learn beyond your field or interest.
By attending a conference, you may learn things about other areas of musical theatre research outside of your particular discipline, professional development, or career.  We are all united by a love of musical theatre but projects and presentations are often multidisciplinary, and usually extremely inspiring and entertaining.

Meet and learn from people you admire.
Industry professionals are often members of MTEA and always part of our conference content, thus giving you the opportunity to meet and possibly work with experts and mentors face to face.

Focus on you.
Take some time to focus on yourself as a student; whether that's from the comfort of your own home, a hotel room, or exploring London. Give yourself permission to slow down and reflect on the work so that once you go back to your regular routine, you'll feel re-energized.

There are 3 location options of where to stay while attending this conference, hosted at the Guildford School of Acting.
1. Staying in a hotel in Guildford
Close to the conference: 
Close to Guildford Train Station: 
2. Staying in a hotel in London
Close to Waterloo Train Station (easiest to get to Guildford for the conference): 
Hampton by Hilton London Waterloo
3. Staying in a dorm at Guildford School of Acting

There is an opportunity for those looking for affordable housing to share dorm rooms at the Guildford School itself. The details of the accommodation are here: 


The rooms can be booked using this link: MTEA 2024 Accommodation

If you have any questions about the accommodations, please email:  [email protected]

Note: These are being recommended by proximity only, as MTEA has no affiliation with any of the listed hotels.

Sneak Peek

Watch videos from our 2023 Conference in NYC!


"Community. For me, the practice of creating good musical theatre is rooted in the idea of community. Having access to a group of like-minded colleagues through MTEA is invaluable as an educator trying to navigate post-pandemic waters. The culture of theatre-making has recently undergone a seismic shift and knowing that there are other passionate professionals whom I can lean on for advice and inspiration, particularly in my lane of disabled inclusion, is something I treasure dearly."

David Connolly
Director, Educator & Advocate

Don't Miss Out!

LIVE and in-person, the 2024 MTEA International Conference brings together musical theatre educators from all over the world for inspired conversations, purposeful networking, and meaningful knowledge sharing on pedagogy, recruitment, production, and career advancement.


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