Dear Respected Members and Colleagues,


We are devastated by the tragic shooting which took the lives of several Asian-American women in Atlanta this past Tuesday. This tragedy and the significant rise in the number of anti-Asian hate crimes since the beginning of the pandemic are clear statements that we, as a nation and society, have failed to protect our AAPI communities. 


Across the United States, nearly 3,800 cases have been reported as anti-Asian hate crimes within the past year; and it is impossible to calculate the number of unreported hate crimes, discrimination, and insults directed toward Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. 


This kind of violence started with the discrimination and dehumanization of Asian-Americans by politicians. We, as arts educators, have a unique platform and the responsibility to begin to challenge and change the conversation with the art that we make and the history that we teach.


As we condemn such hateful behaviors and stand in solidarity with our AAPI colleagues, students, friends, and family members, we must acknowledge and reflect on our harmful past and look forward to the tangible, actionable steps we can take to ensure their safety and livelihood. We strongly encourage our members to take the following steps: 


Educate and Reflect

  1. Study the history of anti-Asian policy and events.

  2. Read books written by Asian-American authors.

  3. Reflect on and challenge the white narrative on major media platforms.

Reach Out

  1. Reach out to your AAPI friends respectfully. Listen to their needs and offer support.

  2. Reach out to your non-AAPI family members, friends, and students and discuss how to eradicate stereotypes and racial prejudices towards AAPI folks and their communities.

Speak Up

  1. Urge your institutions to make a public statement of solidarity supporting the AAPI community. 

  2. Report anti-Asian related violence and hate crime. Visit

  3. See something, say something. Being a bystander is a way of contributing to racism. 

Link to Free guide to Bystander Intervention by IHOLLABACK.ORG  


Volunteer and Donate: 

  1. Volunteer your time at organizations devoted to stopping AAPI hate.

  2. Donate to organizations that work to end anti-Asian violence.

  3. Support local AAPI owned small businesses.

Where to Donate? 

AAPI-GoFundMe Page

Asian American Advancing Justice-Atlanta

The National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum


Where to Learn more? 


Anti-Asian Violence Resources










Being a good ally for the AAPI community is more than just a statement. It is time to stand with them and fight for them. MTEA urges its members to become active and supportive members of the AAPI community to stop Asian-American hate and end all violence.  



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