Musical Theatre Educators’ Alliance (MTEA) is pleased to announce the

New Works Collaboration Catalog

To view the Catalog - please sign-in and navigate to My Library then scroll down to the Catalog.

This project is aimed at connecting musical theatre creators with our international network of universities, conservatories and training programs. Our goal is to provide a mutually-beneficial resource where creators who are looking for development and/or production of their musical theatre works can connect with viable educational partners who are looking for similar outcomes. Once submitted and approved, your work will be listed in the NWCC and made available for all members of MTEA. To learn more about MTEA, please click here.

Creators can submit details of their musical theatre work(s) via a questionnaire for inclusion in the NWCC, including script and score pages, selected demos, synopsis, character breakdown, desired outcomes (ex: workshops, readings, full production, solo song/scene development, cabaret selections etc.), production and developmental history (if applicable) and descriptive tags characterizing the individual work. 

MTEA members will be able to access this rich trove of material in the NWCC to find musical theatre works that are the best fit for their students/programs and contact creators directly to discuss potential collaboration. Submission to and inclusion in the NWCC is free and open to all creators worldwide. 


Submission Requirements

Submissions are closed now. Please check back for future submission opportunities or email [email protected] for more information.

All creators must: 
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Certify that their musical theatre work aligns with MTEA’s mission statement and Code of Ethics
  • Provide details about their musical theatre work via the questionnaire 
  • Provide a link (Google Drive or Dropbox) to a folder containing the following materials:
    • 3 demo song MP3s (demos do not need to be professionally produced)
    • 20-30 consecutive pages of libretto (pdf)
    • Cast breakdown with vocal ranges (pdf)
    • Synopsis of the musical work - 200 words or fewer (pdf)
    • Bios for writers/creators - 1 page (pdf)
    • Developmental history - 1 page (pdf)


MTEA recommends that your written samples contain a watermark and that your files are set to “view only” within your online platform.

The NWCC Review Committee will review all submissions prior to posting in the NWCC and reserves the right to decline inclusion for any musical theatre work that, in its absolute and sole discretion, does not align with MTEA’s Mission & Vision Statement and/or Code of Ethics. The Review Committee also reserves the right to later remove any musical theatre work initially included in the NWCC that it subsequently determines, in its absolute and sole discretion, is in violation of MTEA’s Mission & Vision Statement and/or Code of Ethics. The MTEA Mission & Vision statement can be found HERE. The MTEA Code of Ethics can be found HERE


MTEA will not facilitate or participate in negotiations between creators and MTEA members related to collaboration and/or production of new musical theatre works listed in the NWCC.  MTEA is providing the NWCC as part of its charitable and educational mission to serve as a resource for collaboration, camaraderie, information sharing, and support for the strengthening and development of musical theatre educators and assumes no liability related to any aspect of such collaborations and/or productions.  


*I understand that by submitting the questionnaire and a link to my materials for inclusion in the NWCC, the link and details I provide will be available to all members of MTEA through its membership portal. MTEA is not responsible for its memberships’ use of the NWCC.


I further understand that if any aspect of my musical theatre work is found to infringe on any existing copyright, my work will be immediately removed from the NWCC.


How to Submit?


We are thrilled about this new initiative and know how enriching new musical theatre work can be for our students. Please feel free to share this with other musical theatre creators who may be interested.


For questions please contact: [email protected]



Submissions are closed now. Please check back for future submission opportunities or email [email protected] for more information.




What is the approval process? What happens after I submit my musical theatre work for inclusion in the NWCC?

MTEA’s NWCC Review Committee will review the information submitted via the questionnaire and all linked materials to ensure all necessary information has been provided.  If the Review Committee identifies any missing information or issues or concerns related to content, you will be contacted via email to discuss submission of the missing material and/or why the Review Committee believes your musical theatre work contains content that does not align with the MTEA Mission & Vision Statement and/or Code of Ethics. After review of all submissions, the NWCC will be made available via the MTEA Members-Only Dashboard and MTEA membership will be notified that the catalog is available. You will receive a follow-up email to confirm that the NWCC is live.


How long will my piece be listed in the NWCC? 

Once approved your musical theatre work will be listed in the NWCC for one year. At the end of that time, we will send out a call for new submissions and for renewal of works currently listed in the catalog. 


Who can access the NWCC? 

Any member of MTEA can access the NWCC) once they have logged into their personal MTEA dashboard. For more information on who might be an individual member or a member organization, Click Here. MTEA members and member organizations renew their membership annually and, if their membership expires, they lose access to the dashboard and its resources after a period of time. MTEA membership includes institutional members at various levels of education - secondary education, higher education, and professional affiliates - as well as individual members at private studios, conservatories, and other training programs across the globe. 


Can I submit more than one musical theatre work?



How will I know if my submission has been listed in the NWCC?

You will receive a follow-up email to confirm that your musical theatre work will be listed in the NWCC.


How are my materials protected? 

MTEA does not host materials from your musical theatre work on its website.   The NWCC will contain links to your materials only, which will remain hosted on your online hosting platform. MTEA recommends that you protect your materials within your online hosting platform (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) by doing the following:


  • Add a watermark to all written materials (script pages, breakdowns, synopsis, etc)
  • Make sure your cloud drive settings are set to “view only” and do not allow those who view your materials the ability to download them. Make sure, however, that your settings allow anyone with the link you provide to view the materials. 
  • Host your audio on a website like SoundCloud where samples can be streamed but not downloaded.